Get some Daats

In order to authenticate Things, you need to get some Daats (physical unique IDs made of QR Codes or NFC tags), to be sealed on Things.


Do It Yourself (DIY)

You can simply download Daats made of QR Codes to be printed at home on stickers or plain paper.

Alternatively, you can generate Daat URLs to create Daats from scratch. Whether they are made of QR Codes or NFC tags, you write the uniquely attributed and dedicated URL yourself on each of your Daat. You are totally free to design it the way you want.

You are allowed to sell your DYI Daats, as well as using the Daat logo (but for the sole and only purpose of identifying the Daat).

Buy it from us

From the simple QR Code sticker Daats, up to the tailor made NFC luxury Daats made by renowned jewellers, you can order various kind of Daats from us.

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Additional services

Authentication & certification

Need an expert for authenticating and certifying your precious stones, gems, metals, jewels, artworks, etc.? Daat works with the best gemmologists, jewellers, auction houses, etc. in Monaco.

Please get in touch with us for authenticating and certifying your assets.