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Certified by: Camille Harang
Identified with a Daat

Advanced identification

The unique sealing(s) pattern(s) are hidden for security reasons. You need to scan the Thing from its physical Daat unique ID (NFC, QR Code, etc.) in order to make them appear on this page. Then visually inspect the unique sealing(s) pattern(s) to make sure this page is linked to the proper Thing. And that is has not been tampered with.

Owner Arrisa Modriam (Phae)
Lent to No one
Submitter Camille Harang
Certifier Camille Harang
Creator Cosi Home
Address 0xfeaC4240c950fd14C9AA356250866Dca91c258C5
Published on 2019-12-06 23:28:34
Certified on 2019-12-06 23:28:34
Batch 18022105 By Camille Harang
Model LB-O1 By Camille Harang
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